Does Birth Control Make Your Boobs Bigger

It is no news that a lot of women today are looking for ways to get bigger, shapelier breasts. Of course a lot of women believe that bigger boobs can give them a way better appearance.

With a lot of methods available to help women achieve the bigger boobs they may want, many women have begun to worry about which breast enhancement methods are safe enough for them to use and which ones are not.

Of course you want to make sure that your bust enlargement effort does not leave you to deal with any terrible side effects.

Among many breast enlargement methods, birth control and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) are two that so many people have a lot of questions about.

​We are now going to take a look at these two methods, their effectiveness, safety and all.

Birth Controls and HRT: How They Affect Breast Enlargement

There are a number of factors to consider with whether or not birth controls can really help to increase the size of the breasts. Here are those factors:

1. Natural Hormones:

On a general note, birth controls keep the natural cycle of the body down by sending hormones into your body which are naturally occurring. 

These hormones are the estrogen and progestin hormones which are naturally responsible for the development of breasts.

Breast enlargement from these hormones happen either by the growth of breast tissue or by the retention of fluid.

2. Side Effects: 

Older birth control pills were usually formulated with a higher dosage of hormones. 

As a result of these high dosage of hormones, older birth control pills come with a number of side effects which include headaches, added weight, mood swings, nausea, reduced sex drive, tenderness of the breasts, missed periods as well as spotting in between periods.

And these side effects come in quite high levels. With a higher dosage of these birth control pills comes an increase in side effects which would also be more intense and with a lower dosage, side effects could be less.

You should, therefore, expect these side effects to be more common as well as more intense if you use these birth controls.

In newer birth controls, there is a lower dosage of hormones. This means that these newer birth control pills come with a lot less side effects and are therefore, better than the older birth control pills.

3. Weight Gain: 

Birth control pills can sometimes result in adding a pound or two or even more to your body size.

This usually causes an increase in the size of the breasts, almost very naturally.

While this may be an appealing thing for women who want their boobs to grow bigger, it is not exactly the increase you are looking for. Besides, weight gain does not only increase the size of your boobs, it can also add pounds of flesh to other parts of the body where you may not want them.

​4. ​Temporary Growth: 

Breast control pills would usually cause an increase in bust size by the retention of fluid and hormonal changes. This retention of fluid as well as the hormonal changes are, however, usually temporary.

While those last, you will experience an increase in the size of your boobs as a result of the fluid retention and the change in hormones.

This increase in the size of your boobs would, however, usually go away after you have stopped using the birth control pills. ​​​​​

So yes, birth control pills can actually help you to achieve bigger boobs and maybe, even without side effects but you should know that whatever results you see would go away a short while after you have stopped taking the pills.

​We can therefore, safely say that while birth control pills can cause an increase in the size of your breasts, the effects they have are not dependable and will fade away after only a while.

Also, this method can come with quite a number of inconveniencing side effects which you certainly do not want.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Safely Increase Your Bust Size?

Hormone replacement therapy is designed to cause a supplement in the amount of estrogen and progesterone available in the body.

Mostly, it is used for women who are experiencing menopause. 

As a result of this therapy which supplements the female hormones that are responsible for breast growth, an increase in the size of your boobs can definitely occur.

Remember, however, that this therapy is designed specially to treat women with symptoms of menopause or osteoporosis. It is also very important that medical counsel be sought before taking the decision to undergo this therapy.

Most times, it will be recommended that you to take a very low dosage for a very short period of time.

Basically, you will be asked to take only as much as you need for it to be effective, nothing more.

And only for as long as it takes to be effective, nothing more. The Hormone Replacement Therapy can also have a number of side effects which you should be aware of. They include mood swings, headaches, vaginal bleeding, bloating and nausea.

From reading the above, we cannot, therefore, say that the Hormone Replacement Therapy is the best replacement for natural methods of breast enlargement.


​Today, lots of methods are littered all over to help women who want to increase their bust line. While some of these methods are safe, others are not and can plunge you into experiencing adverse effects you did not bargain for. 

The above two methods we have discussed are, as earlier noted, two of the most questioned methods of breast enlargement.

While we cannot say that they are the best breast enhancement methods, they may be better than some other methods which come with sometimes, really dire consequences.

However, these methods above are not exactly trustworthy methods of getting permanently increased breasts. Birth control pills are certainly not a trustworthy method and they come with side effects.

The Hormone Replacement Therapy is also tough and comes with its own side effects. If you would choose this, however, be sure to seek medical advice.

  • Updated August 14, 2018
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