Breast Enhancement Cream

Breast enhancement creams are designed to help women who want to achieve bigger breasts get the fuller and firmer bust they want.

A lot of women do use these creams because of course, the thought of having two or three times your normal breast size is appealing to so many women, especially women who have really small breasts.

While a lot of people have been skeptical about​ the use of breast enhancement creams because they believe it may have really harmful effects, a good number of women who have used these creams have seen the results they looked forward to and safely so.

While there is some truth in the claims that breast enlargement creams can cause a lot of harm, this is probably limited to the synthetic ones.

Such creams use unnatural ingredients and chemicals which can actively pose a number of health hazards. Some of them could include but are not exactly limited to irritations, swellings and sometimes, even cancer.

Contrary to the effects of these synthetic creams, however, breast enhancement creams that consist mainly of natural ingredients will help to put the estrogen hormones (which are largely responsible for the growth of breasts) to work.

These natural creams cause the hormones to work hence, resulting in bigger boobs for users because sometimes, the retarded growth of breasts which some women experience is due to a malfunctioning of the estrogen hormones.

This malfunctioning which can be caused by a number of factors including diet.

The fact that these creams are natural means that they are risk free containing only ingredients that can act on the body without resulting in toxic effects.

We can therefore say that breast enhancement creams are safe as long as they consist of only natural ingredients.

Effects of Synthetic Breast Enhancement Creams

Whatever you do, you should bear it in mind that your life and good health are paramount and that you should never do anything to jeopardize the safety of these.

This is why we are strongly going to discourage you from using synthetic creams to try and enlarge your boobs because, as earlier said, they contain elements that can have very toxic effects.

The truth is that if you choose to use synthetic creams to enlarge your boobs, they will most likely work.

And sometimes, drastically so. But overtime, these creams begin to take their toll and manifest a number of side effects which could be irritations or burns.

In worst case scenarios, these creams can cause conditions as severe as cancer of the breast. And you do not want to put your self at the risk of any of these so avoid synthetic creams like a plague.

​Natural breast enhancement creams will, on the other hand, not pose any of these risks as they do not include any external or foreign hormones.

Apart from just not posing side effects, they are also effective and can produce the desired results over a period of time if you use them right.

The Use of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in Enhancement Creams

​Naturally, the dehydroepiandrosterone is produced by the adrenal glands of the female body. Following this, the hormone, estrogen is also produced which has very effective influences in the growth of breasts.

In some breast enhancement creams, this preceding hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone is included. This hormone, when introduced in breast enhancement creams, can have terrible side effects such as irritations, swelling and even cancer. 

We therefore, strongly advise you to pay attention to any breast enhancement cream you intend to buy to ensure that this hormone is not included at all. And if it is, do not buy.

Make sure that whatever cream you buy comes with strictly natural products that will not hurt you. Also, be sure to read the guide lines included in the product and follow it as it is said.

How Do These Natural Breast Enlargement Creams Work?

The female body begins to develop breasts at the puberty stage when the body releases the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

The genetics as well as the length of puberty of a particular female determine the shape and also the size of her breasts.

​In other words, the shape and size of the female’s breasts are determined by the amount of hormones released into her body. This means that larger amounts of these hormones would result in larger breasts while smaller amounts of them would result in smaller breasts.

Today, however, with a high rate of consumption of processed foods which contain a variety of hormones and with some of these hormones acting as male hormones, some females experience a premature end of their puberty period.

This is because those male hormones interfere with the female hormones which are supposed to enable the growth of breasts.

And remember that we earlier said that your diet can influence the effect of the estrogen hormones.

This premature end of puberty directly means that the breasts stop growing and therefore do not attain the size and shape they could have naturally been.

As time passes and as the woman grows older, the body slows down its release of hormones which could have helped the growth of breasts. The result of this is that the chances of growing bigger breasts totally die out.

Breast creams can, however, counter this situation and ensure that the breasts begin to grow again as they should. And this, regardless of age.

Usually, these breast enhancement creams (which should, of course, be natural) mimic the natural process of breast growth to result in healthy breast growth.

These creams can thankfully be used by women of any age at all even though younger women will definitely show more improvements.

This does not mean that older women will not see results, it just means that younger women will see more results because of course, age has its own role to play.

How Long Does it Take For Breast Enlargement Creams to Work?

​Natural breast enhancement creams usually begin to produce visible results after about two or three months of using them every day. You should bear in mind, however, that the results are different with different people.

While some people can see positive results in only a few weeks of using these creams, some other people may have to wait for months to see results. Basically, it’s about the chemistry of your body.

However, just know that if you use this cream faithfully, you are definitely going to see the results you look forward to.

Apart from just helping to increase the size of your breasts, natural breast enhancement creams have a number of other benefits to offer. They offer such benefits as helping in weight loss and reducing hot flashes.

Some people have also reported that these creams enhance sex drive.

Remember that you only have to use the natural creams to get these benefits as the synthetic ones which usually contain harmful hormones do not offer these. Worse still, they can harm you instead.

​Taking Safety Precautions

Natural breast enhancement creams are usually laboratory tested to make sure that they are safe.

So generally, you should not exactly have any worries using them.

However, as safe and harmless as natural breast enhancement creams can be, it is not advisable that you use them without professional guidance.

This is because sometimes, you may have a health condition that even you do not know about.

Your doctor will not only work with you to pick the right product but also make sure that which one you pick does not react adversely to any preexisting health conditions.

Even though you can do a lot of internet research these days to find about the various breast enhancement products, it is still best to make sure that you get professional advice.

This will ensure that you do not pick a product that may stand in the way of your normal body functions.

Many times, internet research does not provide every tiny detail you need to get and it can really never replace the conscious guidance of a professional who will work with you directly.

Apart from just making sure that you are safe, taking this precaution can as well have quite a huge impact on the results you see. This is because some creams may not be able to produce results due to already existing health conditions.

Now, isn’t it really great that today, a woman has the choice to modify her appearance seeing as there are different methods to achieve this.

From creams to pills to lotions and sometimes, even surgeries, a woman can choose a method to get the body they want. Remember, however, that whatever you do, you cannot skip over talking to a doctor for professional advice.

This will save you a lot of trouble which these kinds of therapies can bring if not carefully handled. After all, nothing can be more important than your own good health.

In conclusion, the truth is that lots and lots of women suffer from a variety of feelings which definitely include low self esteem because of the size of their breasts.

This should really not be so and it is the best for all women to learn to love themselves just as they are.

However, wanting bigger boobs is not a bad thing and for women who do want this, natural breast enhancement creams are an absolute best buddy. They bring you just the solution you want to the size of your breasts and would not require you to break the bank to get them.

What’s more? They do not come with the adverse effects that synthetic creams or even a surgery can result in.

You should know that these creams do not work by magic and, as earlier said, they produce results depending on body kind and also faithful use.

If you are willing and ready to use some patience and faithfully apply these creams as directed, then you can be sure to get those bigger boobs you want. But you need to first of all, start by using the cream.

In addition, using breast enhancement creams can come with such benefits as making you subconsciously feel every day for lumps that may be a sign of cancer as you apply the cream.

Also, you will not be required to take any pills which would have to go all the way through your digestive system before getting to your breasts. 

You will simply need to apply a cream to your boobs and then go about your normal daily activities while the cream does its work.

With pills, there is really no telling how much effect there is or how quickly you can see results. With the cream, on the other hand, you can be sure that there is a direct contact with your breasts and hence, results are quicker and surer.

Herbal breast enlargement creams do work and produce satisfactory results. It is understandable, however, that a lot of people are skeptical seeing as there are a lot of fake breast enhancement products on the market and also seeing as these herbal creams are quite new to the breast enhancement world.

The fact that there are a lot of fake products for this purpose on the market is the one reason why you need to pay careful attention and be on the look out so that you do not fall a victim.

Pay careful attention to the ingredients included in any product you are going to get and make sure that the ingredients included do not hurt you.

Do as much research as you can, you certainly do not want to jeopardize the safety and good looks of your breasts all in a bid to get bigger ones. 

And you certainly do not want to put your overall well being at risk. Remember too to always get medical counsel before going ahead to purchase any products for your breast enhancement.

And if you have been doubtful about the potency and safety of natural breast enhancement creams, you really do not need to be anymore. They work and they can be very safe as long as you take the safety precautions which this article has already talked about.

  • Updated May 11, 2018
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