How to Grow Breasts Naturally with Breast Massage

​Do you wish your breasts were larger? That they gave you that coveted hourglass figure?

Do you have trouble finding glamorous tops that fit your smaller-than-ideal chest?

Many women are unhappy with either their breasts size or shape.

Breast size is largely linked to our genetic make-up, and the most suitable solution to increase their size tends to be wearing expensive and cumbersome bras, or surgery.

Bust enhancing bras are great when you are wearing clothes, but in swimwear or times of nakedness, women are left to bare in all, honestly.

Breast enlargements are expensive and medical intervention has its own set of risk factors. So what if I told you that there is a simpler, cheaper and safer way to enhance your bust that comes with plenty of other health benefits? Read on to find out more about how to stimulate breast growth without going under the knife.

​What is Breast Enlargement Massage?

​Breast enlargement massage is fairly self-explanatory. It involves using specific massage techniques to stimulate breast growth. It is easy, safe and effective.

To understand why breast massage works, you need to understand what breasts are actually made of.

Breasts are comprised mostly of fatty tissue and adipose fats, both of which respond well to stimulation. When you massage your breasts, you are stimulating the supporting tissues and lymphatic system to trigger firmness and growth.

The simple act of wearing a bra can prevent your lymph system from draining out of the breast, causing lymph fluid and blood to build up. So instead of looking to bust-enhancing lingerie for breast enlargement, take your bra off and start massaging your boobs!

​Benefits of Breast ​Massage

​Self massage will not only increase your bust size, but also the firmness of your breasts and help improve their shape.

It also triggers a healthy hormonal response that releases oxytocin and estrogen. These hormones play a key role in breast growth.

The benefits of massaging your boobs goes far beyond aesthetically pleasing results.

Frequent massage can also play a key role in reducing the risk of breast cancer, minimizing the symptoms of PMS and cysts, and relaxing the mind and body. To top it all off, the self-esteem boost that comes with body confidence is worth its weight in gold.

​How to Perform Breast Massage for Growth

​Whilst massaging your breasts to enhance their growth is not difficult, there are some crucial steps you should follow to see the best results. Follow this simple, step-by-step guide to massage your way to a larger chest in no time.

​​​​​1. Remove Your Clothing

​Breast massage is not effective through bras and clothing (and rather difficult to perform properly).

Make sure your top half is naked, removing your top and your bra.

Try adding massage to your daily dressing or undressing routine, or even when you are in the shower. This way you won’t forget to perform it.

​2. Use a Massage Oil or Cream

​Massage oil/cream helps prevent discomfort caused by friction and if you choose one with a calming scent it will promote relaxation too!

A cream or oil also allows for easier movement and a deeper massage.

If you are extra keen on breast growth, the market is bombarded with specialist creams designed to enhance breast size that will help make your massage more effective.

3. Cup and Rotate

​Using both hands on the one breast (one on the top and one underneath), gently cup your breast and rotate in a circular motion.

After a while, change direction. Firmly lift your breast tissue away from the chest wall as you massage to improve drainage of lymphatic fluid.

​4. Massage Underneath Your Breast

​With one hand, lift your breast and use the fingertips of the other hand to massage firmly, yet gently under your breast.

​5. Work Y​our Way Around Your Breast

​Still using your fingertips, massage around your breast using circular motions.

Work your way up the side of your breast (near the armpit), over the top and back down to where you started.

​6. Start From The Nipple

​Support your breast with one hand and apply gentle pressure from your fingertips of the other hand to create circular movements from your nipple to outer breast.

Work your away around your breast, like a star radiating outwards.

​7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

​Still working on the same breast, perform step three again.

When you have completed one breast, it should take around 5-10 minutes, repeat the exact same process on your other breast.

By following these breast massage techniques for growth you will notice a fuller bust in no time, and plenty of other health benefits too! All from a matter of minutes each day. Easy.

​Chi Breast Massage

​​Chi massage technique combines the benefits of massage and acupuncture.

It has the added advantage of being a little quicker (mostly because you massage both breasts simultaneously) than regular breast massage so may be suitable for those who are a little pressed for time.

  • check​Place your hands over your breasts and spread your fingertips evenly.
  • check​Apply gentle but firm pressure with your fingertips. These are your chi points.
  • check​Rotate your breasts towards each other, then down and outwards in a full 360 degree circular motion.
  • check​Repeat 20 times and try to perform Chi Massage twice daily.

​When Will I See Results?

​This will vary from person to person and depends largely on how frequently you massage. Typically, changes will be noticeable any time from a few days to a few months. Using breast enhancement creams can help speed up the results.

​Are There any Safety Issues With Breast Massage?

​Massaging your breasts is considered very safe, but there are some circumstances in which you should consult with a medical professional first. If your are breastfeeding, have a lump in your breasts, have breast implants or have undergone any kind of breast treatment or surgery, please seek advice from your doctor.

​In Conclusion

​So there you have it – how to stimulate breast growth with massage!

No need for pricey, uncomfortable and restricting bras. No need for risky, expensive surgery. All you need are your own two hands and a few minutes every day to achieve your much-desired fuller bust!

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