Gynexin Reviews- Gynecomastia Surgery vs Gynexin Pills [Which one is Better?]

Male breasts can be a result of several things like hormonal imbalance, obesity, hereditary tendencies and lifestyle. Whatever the reason may be, it causes a great deal of emotional discomfort and physical alienation in men.

According to stats, 1 out of 3 men suffer from this awkward condition involving breast enlargement. To make matters worse, surgery is seen by most as the only option.

However, before running to the doctor for more aggressive and possibly dangerous treatments, We’ll review gynexin alpha formula male breast reduction pills, try to ans the question does gynexin works or not, what are the alternative etc.

We’ll also cover the comparison between Gynexin vs Gynectrol vs Surgery for your better Understanding.

Gynexin Pills- What it has to offer?

It is a male breast reducing supplement that involves natural fat burners to burn excessive fats; subcutaneous adipose tissues in the mammary glands. Its prescription free formula saves you from an embarrassing trip to the doctor.

Compared to the continuous nagging, awkwardness, hiding and feeling conscious; Gynexin makes it all go away within months, all naturally. You feel more confident and self-assured and all because of what – A simple natural and steroid-free pill.

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Users of Gynexin reportedly experience following benefits:

  • Reduction in Male breasts
  • Weight Loss
  • Treat Gynecomastia Effectively

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How Much is Gynexin Cost?

Each bottle carries 60 capsules. If you buy several months’ supply in advance, you not only save a lot of money but will also get free bonuses as well. 1 Month Supply (1 Pack): $69.95 2 Month Supply (2 Pack): $128.95 3 Month Supply (3 Packs +1 Korexin Bottle Free): $183.85 5 Month Supply (5 Packs +2 Korexin Bottle Free): $234.65

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How to Apply:

The container has 60 capsules in it, which is a full month’s supply. Here is the Directions:


Administer 1 capsule of Gynexin in the morning and 1 in the evening before meals. Take maximum of 4 capsules distributed over a period of 24 hours. Drink at least 8 oz. (250 ml) of water with each serving Avoid taking Gynexin immediately before bed.

Gynexin Results?

According to majority of reviews, results from this supplement are sturdy. Results begin to show within months after you buy. According to one customer, after taking this supplement for a 2 months he had well-packed, smooth lean muscles instead of dropping fats.

Before and After Images from Official Site

Results are typical, may vary depending various facts.

Gynexin Ingredients & How it Works?

Gynexin includes the following amazing and medically acclaimed ingredients which makes it highly efficient. Read about all the ingredients of this pills before you buy it.

1. Guggulsterones: Guggulsterones have been an important ingredient of Herbal medicine for centuries, but it’s only been in the last few years that western medicine has finally started to recognize its benefits. According to studies, Guggulsterones help to reduce bad cholesterol and fatty acids. It also positively regulates thyroid gland, a leading cause of man boobs.

When thyroid gland produces too much of the hormone Thyroxine it is believed to influence the level of sex-hormone binding “globulin”. Guggulsterones assist thyroid gland in lowering Thyroxine production and resolves Gynecomastia within a few months.

2. Theobromine Cacao: Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid extracted from the cacao plant. It has a positive effect on mental application, psychophysical readiness and muscle tone. By increasing serotonin, Theobromine also keeps appetite for fatty foods suppressed and under control, a definite plus for those anxious to lose weight.

3. Chromium Picolinate: The third arrow in this supplement belt is Chromium Picolinate. It’s a derivation of Chromium which naturally exists in our bodies. Deficiency of chromium is linked to many serious problems like high cholesterol, high blood sugar, muscle weakness, chronic anxiety etc. For a man with Gynecomastia, chromium is gold.

It reduces body fat and increases lean muscle mass. Most men suffering from Gynecomastia have large fat cells deposited in the mammary glands. By burning stored fats for energy during metabolism, chromium picolinate reduces the size and appearance of breasts.

4. Green Tea Extract: Green tea Extract is a great fat buster. It is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and anti-oxidants like Cholorogenic acid which inhibits the production of fatty cells in our body and boost metabolism. It drops the amount of newly formed fat cells and makes our body switch to burning the old stored ones. As a result men start losing excessive fat.

5. Caffeine: For most, name of Caffeine may sound horrific. But taken in small permissible quantities, Caffeine can give you numerous benefits. It improves performance, memory, detoxifies liver and metabolizes carbs.

It inhibits fat accumulation and treats Gynecomastia due to obesity.

6. Sclareolides: Sclareolides – a lactone, derived from clary sage is used to help increase testosterone and decrease estrogen. It is included for men who suffer Gynecomastia due to over whelming female hormone – Estrogen.

These were the ingredients of this breast reduction pills. There is nothing proprietary, hidden or illegal here. These ingredients are all natural and perfectly synched to help men overcome Gynecomastia due to obesity, hyperthyroidism or hormonal imbalance.


There are testimonials on the official website and other sites with people claiming to be getting results, which is a good thing. Not many products sold online have real testimonials to show. I’ve collected some positive reviews, there are also some negative feedback I found. You may known that not all supplements works for 100% individuals.

But I can ensure that this is one of the best selling product online for Gynecomastia Treatment. People are buying this supplement like crazy. There must be some good things.

“Great product; noticeable results. Would definitely order again!” – Derrik, k Bakersfield, CA “Ordering and then taking Gynexin was the easiest part. Containing my gratitude for this product is hard. My gyne vanished before summer arrived…” – Jing P. Melbourne, Australia “I ordered my first box of Gynexin 6 months ago and have made steady progress from about the third week. It’s taken a while but my results are worth it! I recommend exercise and healthy diet along” – Devin P. Oxnard, California

Gynexin VS Gynectrol VS Surgery:

Imagegynexin pillsgynectrolgynecomastia surgery
Cost/Price$234.65 (5 pack)$247.96 (5 pack)Avg $3525
Risks & Side EffectsLessLessDepends on many Things
Does Exercise Required for Better ResultYesYesNo
Changing Eating HabitRequiredRequiredNo
Success RateUnknownUnknownDepends on many Things. Comparatively better.
More DetailsGynexin Official SiteGynectrol Official SiteRead More Here

Gynexin Side Effects:

It won’t be fair of us to say that Gynexin tablets have no side-effects. If over-dosed, it can give you diarrhea, headache and sleeplessness. To stay safe, and to render benefits risk-free, take it as directed by the manufacturer. (Read the Directions carefully -mentioned above)

It is made from natural ingredients and has been developed after years of research and trials. Apart from this, because it does not contain any synthetic contents in it, it is conveniently available without any prescription. It can be ordered online and only on the official website.

Considering what Gynecomastia men are suffering currently including continuous agony, stress, shyness, desperate search for baggy shirts, hiding place in men’s locker room, we believe this is nothing.

At least unlike surgery, one doesn’t have to cut and scar and then pay for it too. Surgery for Gynecomastia is labeled cosmetic and is not covered by any insurance. So, as compared to it, Gynexin male breast reduction pills are definitely a cheaper and more affordable way to freedom.

Where to Buy Gynexin Affordably?

This Male Breast Reduction Pill is not available in other stores and pharmacies because it radically increases the price of the product. Additionally, it increases the chances of customers getting into a scam. Everybody loves discounts and bonuses. To get high price rebates, buy only from the official website.

From there you can get almost 40% of discount with Korexin™ as Free Bonus. Check Official Website here.

Korexin is a supplement that has been clinically proven to reinforce the results of Gynexin alpha formula. It helps to lose chest fat, curb our Viking eating habits and improve overall health while maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass (all without the use of stimulants or growth hormone).

Once the order is completed, the shipment acknowledgement is sent right away and the product is delivered within 3-4 working days within the USA. International deliveries may take 7-15 days to reach the customer depending on the location.

Gynexin is shipping Worldwide. It is also very popular in USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, India, Canada, Bangladesh, Dubai, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Kuwait, Kenya, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Philippines, Qatar, Qunto costa, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore & many more.

In addition to the above, official website also deliver discreetly. Gynexin Official website is secured and accepts all important credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, Discover, eChecks & PayPal. You can also make your purchase offline using: Phone, Fax and/or Mail.

Gynexin Vs Surgery:

Compared to other breast reduction procedures, which include but are not limited to surgery, laser treatment and medications, Gynexin pills are much lower in cost. In addition, the results are largely permanent and male breasts usually do not grow back after the desired results have been achieved.

A usual laser treatment costs $3000 to $5000 for the whole treatment; surgical option costs even higher. Medications and other treatments are prone to side effects, plus all of these options offer quick fixes to the problem. Moreover, insurance companies do not cover these costs because they are all considered cosmetic procedures.

Know How to lose man boobs on this article. Gynexin Male Breast Reduction Pill on the other hand takes the treatment slow and steady. It fine-tunes the hormonal system and the glands that cause breast growth. Once it has been achieved, it continues its work by targeting fat cells in the breasts reducing its number one by one.

The results thus produced are although not immediate but are definitely long lasting.

Final Verdict:

Based on available data, Gynexin truth is that it’s not a rip-off. The company that produces Gynexin has been in this business for eight years and is still offering Gynexin all over the world, with 90% plus happy customers, a stat based on a post-purchase survey. This supplement has some very effective and promising ingredients which have been tested repeatedly to give admirable results. Still if not satisfied, you can always return Gynexin using its 60 days, no question asked, and Money Back Guarantee. Save

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