When Do Breasts Stop Growing

​A lot of women I know want their boobs full, firm, and popping out of their tops. For many, large and firm breasts can enhance a woman’s confidence in a number of ways.

Others just need their tops and dresses to fit and hug properly. Whatever it is, your breasts are an important component of your body. 

Naturally, there are different sizes and shapes, depending on genetics and other biological factors. 

​For most women, the breasts begin to grow when puberty starts. That said, this guide will tell you how to know when your boobs stop growing.

But before I dive right in, you need to know that there is no general rule for breast growth and development in every woman.

You cannot specifically tell the date or age that your breasts will start growing or how large they will be. Every woman has a peculiar biological and genetic composition.

It is true that genetics play a major role, but I have seen girls with small breasts who have mothers and grandmothers with very large breasts.

However, under normal circumstances, your mother’s breasts should give you an idea. Let me walk you through how breasts are developed.

How Breasts are Formed

Typically, breast growth begins at the age of puberty, specifically between 10 and 13. There are cases where this growth has started in younger girls and older girls as well.

​It is triggered by the release of oestrogen by activities in the ovaries. The first set of secretory glands are formed when you get your first period. This happens because during period, your body is getting ready for a baby.

These secretory glands produce milk required by nursing women, and this milk production happens simultaneously with your period.

All of these happen deep within, but it is this same process that leads to the production of fatty tissues, which contribute to the size of your breasts. How long this continues depends entirely on individual biological makeup and lifestyle.

The Breast Growth Period

This period is what I call the breast decade. From when puberty begins to your late teens/early twenties, your breasts will ordinarily continue to grow and develop.

There could be a halt in this growth at some point, but it will usually continue into your early 20s. Again, it is a different process for everyone. Some people are what you might also call early or late bloomers.

Some just happen so fast and stop in the late teens, while others don’t even begin until they are about 15 or 16. In all of these peculiar situations, natural breast development should actually stop in the early twenties.

What Determines The Size and Shape?

​Apart from genetics, the size and shape of your boobs will be greatly influenced by your eating habits, weight gain or weight loss.

Naturally, weight gain and loss are determined by how much fat you take in, which will also spread to your boobs.

While weight gain will increase the size of your boobs considerably, a significant weight loss will lead to a decrease in the size.

Other determinants include menstruation and pregnancy.

However, these two are usually temporary, except for those who do not get back in shape after childbirth. All these changes will continue to occur long after your early twenties.

You will naturally have fuller breasts during menstruation and pregnancy, just as much as your weight will continually determine breast size.

So When Does Breast Growth Truly Stop?

Now this is often a very tough question to answer considering the factors that will continue to determine the size of your breasts.

Some women continue to experience changes in the size and texture of their breasts as they continue to gain or lose weight.

All things being equal, and assuming a woman decides to maintain a particular weight forever, these changes in breast size should seize after menopause.

Since menopause is when menstruation seizes, and brings an end to the hormonal changes that comes with it, it would naturally stop the discharge of oestrogen for milk formation and the development of fatty tissue.

As a woman grows older, and wrinkles begin to appear, breasts should naturally not just stop growing, but would begin to shrink as well.

But a lot of women still do so much to maintain skin and breast firmness even at old age.

On how to know when your boobs stop growing, you would naturally see that growth has stopped.

However, the biological growth for every woman stops at her early twenties, and only fluctuations will continue to happen after that, unless you actually decide to make them bigger, through surgery or the use of enhancement products & other techniques like massage, exercise etc.


I usually tell people to allow nature take its course when it comes to breast growth, because just when you think it has stopped, it could just be taking a break.

You should wait until your mid 20s before you can actually tell the size of your breasts. Your body would naturally determine the size and growth pattern of your boobs, and it stops when your body says it should.

  • Updated September 24, 2017
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